Go from jumping from a reading to another to straight action towards your mission

Constantly jumping from a psychic reading to another trying to get to the bottom of your
mission or purpose, but not getting the answers or nor moving forward with your soul purpose?

If I would just know what my soul purpose is in specific detail, aka if someone else just tells me what I’m supposed to be doing here, then I would start doing it. But in full honesty, if some reader would tell you EXACTLY what you came here to do and how you should be doing it, would you get yet another reading still? My guess is that yes, most likely.

Why is that? It is because you are wanting to ease the discomfort, not resolve.

There comes a point where you need to decide and dedicate yourself, and that cannot be put to you from the outside.

When you have reached that point, instead of searching clarity for the questions of “what”, start analysing what topics are in your soul’s radar and what are you wanting to change in our current system and start calculating how to make the biggest impact in that. Put the impact above.

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