Go from jumping from a reading to another to straight action towards your mission

Constantly jumping from a psychic reading to another trying to get to the bottom of your
mission or purpose, but not getting the answers or nor moving forward with your soul purpose?

If I would just know what my soul purpose is in specific detail, aka if someone else just tells me what I’m supposed to be doing here, then I would start doing it. But in full honesty, if some reader would tell you EXACTLY what you came here to do and how you should be doing it, would you get yet another reading still? My guess is that yes, most likely.

Why is that? It is because you are wanting to ease the discomfort, not resolve.

There comes a point where you need to decide and dedicate yourself, and that cannot be put to you from the outside.

When you have reached that point, instead of searching clarity for the questions of “what”, start analysing what topics are in your soul’s radar and what are you wanting to change in our current system and start calculating how to make the biggest impact in that. Put the impact above.

Blaa blaa: ”💥 be intentional with your energy” ”💥 follow the guidance of __ (insert intuition, guides, higher self – whatever, you name it)”


All I hear is:


– energy that is NOT directed for maximum impact.

And I know we’ve all been there at one point.

Spirituality doesn’t exlude being strategic.
Being strategic is about being excellent with your energy.
It’s an art form.

If you think of it this way:

Strategy = leveraging your impact, power, energetics, frequency to deliver significant results in your mission aka optimizing your energetic impact.

Very much about skillful energetics.

And if you came here to reform things, wouldn’t you better be good at getting results – not only just following your intuition – just saying 😀

In strategizing soul mission – successfully, you’ll want to address 4 different things:

[1] Skills and knowledge = The knowledge and know how that stems from your own soul, that is already present in your energetic patterning and what skills you need to still acquire and utilize = THE CORE POWER + DESIRE + DEVELOPMENT

[2] Distribution = when you know your core why (aka what you came here to do + why), then you’ll want to strategically and deliberately in a way that makes the best impact in your own unique way leveraging your power, map out the plan that delivers – targeting the root causes of the desires = THE HOW

[3] Performance = performance is different to peeps who operate from their soul; navigate life in energetics. Things that affect your performance include your overall wellbeing (life – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual), state of the internal connection, if there’s skill or knowledge gaps etc. You want to make sure you’re on your best game = OPERATIVE PERFORMANCE

[4] Cultivating your own energy, presence, consciousness = done usually through shadow work, meditation, refining field through different practices etc. It’s about transforming, cultivating own consciousness, power = CULTIVATION OF PERSONAL IMPACT THROUGH YOUR FIELD

Usually the focus is on the 4th part and the only ”strategic” advice given is ”follow your intuition”.

PS. You don’t have to become a healer.

How many times have you heard this: ”Follow your heart or follow your intuition” as a way to know what your spiritual calling is?

I’ve seen it plenty. I don’t think the advice covers it.


There are different spiritual activities that you can engage in and they all affect your spiritual aspects differently.

You can ”do your work” on your:

(1) ENERGY FIELD, ENERGY, PRESENCE: this is all about doing your meditation, shadow work, trauma healing, yoga, tantra – whatever rocks your boat & gets your energetics flowing. The work done in this category, is about cultivating your precence and cultivating your personal energy aka the consciousness you carry to every situation. Cultivating your internal precence and awareness, your state + level of consciousness. In doing this, your able to access the authentic you, enfuse greater level of your truth and soul awareness into your life + field. The more work done on this area, the more truth + soul you bring in and thus also the more familiar you are with your spiritually called upon mission – whatever name you want to put on it: your purpose, your callling, your soul desire etc. This is not new info.

What we usually do not distinguish is the other aspects which are:

(2) INTUITION: Developing your intuition aka making following your intuition a systematic habit and accessing easily the constant + instant knowing and knowledge coming from it. One part of leaning into and listening to your intuition – just one part – is the suggestion of ’following your heart’. And here’s where my point lies: you can follow your heart and not get doing what you came here to do, because it is more about HEART OPENING rather than spiritual dilligence. You can follow your heart and NOT develop your precence, energy etc. Following your heart is more about fine tuning your intuition listening skills and more about acknowledging and learning to put your higher spiritual lead in charge, NOT about developing your energetic impact. Following your heart CAN lead you to finding your purpose and mission, but if you do not want to ”risk it”, it is more benefitial to focus on building solid spiritual practice as it helps you to access and be that higher aspect of you and thus gain access to the info. Intuition is also more about navigating energetics & life – it’s a navigation + communication system – which does come in handy when you are navigating your mission in 3D.

(3) INTIMACY: specifically: intimacy with your soul, with your core element, the raw, unique, vast, actual you. And this comes with practice of hearing, seeing, feeling – intimitately – your own self.

These things are separate, distinct, so they require and affect different things and if you are focused or doing things only in one of those areas, that will not translate to others as linearily – they can benefit each other – obviously – and if one part slacks, others can compensate, but the work is kind of needed to be done in each aspect. They complement each other highly, but still need to be taken into account and focused on separate.

Usually these things are grouped together assuming that they just are all about the same thing and have the same effect. Meaning, that if I just constantly meditate daily that is all that I need to be doing in being effective spiritually.

When you take the 3 things into action:
1. Cultivating your precence and energy
2. Intuition
3. Intimacy with your soul

And instead of SOLELY following your heart to get to know your mission, your own higher purpose, focus on doing the spiritual self-work – it works like a charm✨

The key in finding/knowing your actual and concrete purpose/mission is in THE INTIMACY with your own soul and that is build through practice.

Because the soul purpose is usually more abstract and flexible than it is a fixed path – it is more like a curious desire and more about bringing in certain qualities and values and solutions that your soul has came about with rather than something very strict or fixed idea – that’s just your mind.

– and THAT can be put into work in various different ways. And if you want to be effective, you do it strategically – optimazing your results and energetic impact.


Consciousness hackers = Reform and shift matters that they care about. Hackers. Motivated by curiosity, dash of rebellion, use their skills for greater justice. 

System busters = dwell full on personally into  dysfunctional situation they have decided to solve and learn – from the inside out, from personal practical, energetically immersed personally – and take what they learned and share the findings / how to resolve the energetics.

Difference between system busters and consciousness hackers is in the motivation and in the orientation: system busters go into the pattern, full immersion to learn how to crack it, consciousness hakers work from the outside – not necessarily take on themselves the energetics. Mission strategies differ based on which one you are.

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It is not an affirmation problem, it is a delivery problem

Why affirmations won’t work.


Release work over affirmations.

Focus more on flowing the energies in your body and energy field – rather than affirmations. Your body is the one that is holding on to the experiences you want to shift so you want to move the energies in the body and through that release the resistance – what is what you are trying to do with affirmations.

Affirmations are like bandaids trying to cover wounds too large if there’s not enough release work done in the actual body. They work when the wound is small and the work is minor fixes, it becomes the cherry on top that tips the scale to great. Affirmations don’t land well if the body is too fixated on other things.